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Soya Pulao

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Moving to the Preparation first place a shallow vessel at medium Flame. Add water along with Soya bean, rice and pinch of salt leave it to cook. Meanwhile we can cook the vegetables for the Soya Pulao. Pour oil into the pan to it add cumin seeds and let it to splutter add sliced onions, chopped tomato, and ginger continue sautéing until the veggies turn tender and oil Separates. Now that our Soya Rice is cooked we can mix Cooked vegetable with Soya Rice. After mixing with the Vegetables you may add masala to the recipe such as turmeric powder, red chilly powder and garam masala. You may add salt to taste and continue to sauté till aroma of masala emerges from your kitchen and finally we can garnish our Soya Pulao by sprinkling chopped coriander leaves over the cooked Recipe.
Your delicious Soya rice is ready to serve. You can serve Soya Pulao with a simple Raita, mixed Vegetable curry or Chicken Curry.


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