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Meen Idichathu with Thenga Kappa

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The Kappa Club Special - Meen Idichathu with Thenga Kappa

Meen Idichathu


Oil 2 cups

Shallots Crushed 1-2 tbsp

Ginger Crushed 1-2 tbsp

Green chilles Crushed 1-2 tbsp

Curryleaves 2-3 spoons

Salt to taste

Red chilly powder 2 tsp

Coriander powder 2 tsp

Crushed pepper 2 tsp

Tomatoes cubed 1

Masala blended Minced King fish 1 cup

Heat oil in a pan.
Add crushed shallots ginger and green chilies into the pan along with curry leaves to the oil.
Lets prepare the Masala by adding salt, red chilly powder,c oriander powder crushed red chilly, crushed pepper and cubed tomatoes into the shallow pan.
Mean while lets fry the Masala blended thinly minced king fish in another pan .
Toss and combine the Fried kingfish along with the formerly made Masala and your kappa club special Meen Idichathu is ready to serve.

Thenga Kappa


Oil 2-3 tbsp

Crushed shallots 4-5 tbsp

Curry leaves 4-5 spoons

Boiled Tapioca 1-2 cups

Heat oil in a pan to this add grated coconut, crushed shallots, curry leaves and boiled tapioca.
Toss and fry for some time and your Thenga Kappa is ready to serve.
Meen Idichathu with Thega kappa it is best to serve with Veg salad made of Chopped carrots, Onions , tomatos, green chilly and curry leaves cooked in oil.

Kappa club special Meen Idichathu with Thenga Kappa is ready to serve.


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