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Interview with Padma Shri Subha Mudgal

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One of the most versatile and popular concert artists among the younger generation of Hindustani musicians, Shubha Mudgal is among the most imaginative and adventurous female vocalists of India. Trained initially as a khayal singer, she soon realized her powerful voice could encompass a wide range. Her first album, a collection of Sufi songs, was an immediate hit with the public but generated criticism from traditionalists. Her album ‘Ali More Angana’ set young people all over the country dancing to an originally devotional song, which became a favorite at discotheques. In addition to being a popular concert artist, Mudgal has won recognition as a composer. Her repertoire of medieval devotional poetry has received acclaim in India and abroad. Supporting her trademark tika-bindi, the pop saint of the swaras is out to prove her taste for classicism is still alive. Over the years Mudgal has come to be associated with pop classicism. Her rich and metallic voice has the robust earthiness of a gypsy. It harks you back to the sounds of ancient India in a modern language. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including Padma Shri from the Government of India in 2000.


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  • Rahul Sinha (Ranchi, Jharkand ) On: 7/25/2012 1:23:43 PM
    Its a nice video, mujhe shubha jee ke saari video achi lagti hai,maine shubha jee ke sari i mean shubha jee ne gitne bhi interview de ye hai maine sabhi dekhe hai,or maine to sabhi download bhi ke ye hai,aur maine unki sabhi photo bhi download keye hai
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  • Rahul Sinha (Jharkhand, India ) On: 5/3/2012 3:03:01 PM
    Shubha Mudgal this is a nice video,maine shubha jee ke history padhi hai but unki zuban se unki history sunna,its a dream come true,i m very happy,aur mare ek dream hai ke mai shubha jee se face to face baat karu,but i know its a very difficult, but i'll
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