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Pandari's Biriyani

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Pandari's Biriyani
The word “Biriyani comes from the Persian word “Birian” which means, “fried or roasted". Biriyani has a reputation of ethnic cuisine among Malayalees.

Pandari's Biriyani is categorized as an old method of cooking biriyani, which requires culinary art with heavenly blessing.

It is said by them as “The True, Biriyani needs to be cooked with great skill and care as the ‘Pandaris’ or the old –generation”.

The recently established restaurant of Pandari’s at Pulleppady, Kochi became a popular eatery destination within a short span of time.

The restaurant is open from Monday-Saturday from 12 pm – 3 pm.

Pandari’s Restaurant
66/846, C. P. Ummer Road
Pulleppady, Kochi-682035
Mobile - 9895406422


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