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Mamma Mia The Food Court

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Mamma Mia The Food Court
Mamma Mia The Food Court is a full service restaurant that offers patrons fast, casual and yet a memorable dining experience.

The restaurant was inaugurated in 2013 by the Malayalam superstar Mamootty.

Mamma Mia is the dream project of popular Malayalam actor, Siddique and is headed by his son Shaheen. The restaurant has not only included traditional favorites and delicacies but also promises refreshingly satisfying dining experience, cost effectively.

Spread across 5000 square-feet and tastefully furnished with a seating capacity of 184, the ambience is warm and welcoming. There are quick take-away and self-service counters as well as specially earmarked areas with table service.

Located conveniently on the prominent Seaport-Airport Road at Kakkanad, Kochi (adjacent to the Sunrise Hospital and opposite to Bharath Matha College). Mamma Mia has become an immensely popular destination among foodies within a short span of time.

Mamma Mia is open from 12am to 11 pm.

Mamma Mia The food court is located
Near Bharath Matha College,
Airport Seaport Road, Kakkanad,
Kerala , Kochi - 682021
Ph : 0484 256 3852, 9745504505


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