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Pinkathelon - Breast Cancer Awarness

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Pinkathelon held at Kochi on October 31st, 2013 was first of its kind Walking Campaign hosted in order to spread awareness on breast cancer and educate people about the cause and prevention of the highly rampant ailment.

Kerala’s first ever Pinkathelon initiated by 'Care Can Cure' organisation from Cochin Medical College saw the participation of students, Medicos, Public and Cancer survivors. The walk scheduled from Marine drive to Durbar hall ground had many followers.

The Awareness campaign was flagged off by MLA Haibi Eden shortly after his Public awareness speech.

The walk ended at the Durbar hall ground where the campaign was presided over by dignitaries such as District collector Sheik Pareeth IAS, Dr M.I Janaid Rahman and Medical Director of CMC, Kochi.

The campaign was brought to an end by flying hundreds of pink Balloons which was carried by participants in the walk, to mark the triumph of human spirit which could not be held back by any persisting Ailment.


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