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Oats Putt Or Steamed Oats Cake with Eggie-Veg Curry

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Moving to its preparation.. Blend raw oats in a mixer until it turns into a fine powder, this is done in order to make soft putt.
Powdered oats is mixed well with water until the correct consistency is achieved. Add just enough salt into the mixture. The texture should not be too watery or too dry. When you take the powder in your palms and press, it will hold together. Now the oats-Putt combination is ready.
Insert the perforated lid into the putt maker so as to allow steam to pass. Layer the putt maker alternately with some grated coconut and oats Putt combination, top it with grated coconut. Finally close the upper part of the putt maker with the lid. Mean while boil some water in a pressure cooker, close the lid without the weight and allow the steam to come out with full force.


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