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Cocoacraft's Chocolate Factory

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Chocolate Factory

Cocoacraft Chocolate Factory is a one-stop-shop for Chocoholics.

The brand cocoacraft was established by Retired Naval officer, Commander C.T. Kuruvilla in 2000. The motto was to make couverture chocolates which are trans fat free.

At Chocolate factory one can find a variety of chocolate products that include Chocolate gift boxes, chocolate pralines, bitter chocolate bars with figs and almonds, cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, dark chocolate, peanut butter spread and many more.

Chocolate Factory also gives free demonstration every Saturday at 11 am., that includes training on how to temper, mould and enrobe homemade chocolate confectionery.

The Cocoacraft Chocolate Factory is open from 11 am to 10 pm.

It is located opposite to
Catholic Syrian Bank
Market Road, Kacheripady
Ernakulam, Kerala
Cochin - 682018


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