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Paper water Lilly

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Fold the paper into four. Again fold it as shown, to make a triangle shape. Now using the pen draw a petal shape. Cut out the outline. Once you open it you will get a flower like shape. Make more shapes like this.
Stick the central part of the flower shapes one by one using glue. After you finish, mark dots with red and yellow sketch pens in the center.
Fold each petal into two halves as you see here. Now fix it on an aluminium wire.
To make the calyx, take a small piece of green paper. Fold it as we did for the flower and cut out the shape. Open it you will see it turned to a calyx shape. Insert it through the aluminium wire and attach the calyx below the flower using glue.
Finally roll the wire using a green tape. See we are done. Make more flowers and arrange it with leaves.


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