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Kiko Veneno, Spanish Musician - Interview

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Kiko Veneno is a Spanish singer/songwriter born in Figueres, Spain. After participating in a duet called Kiko y Germán, he joined brothers Rafael and Raimundo Amador to form Veneno, a flamenco/pop act that disbanded a year later. In 1981, Kiko Veneno made his first solo record, Seré Mecánico por Tí. He soon created a new project called los Mártires del Compás, playing along with Chico Ocaña and José Loreto. In 1998, BMG/RCA released his greatest hits in a double album titled Puro Veneno, followed by 2000's La Familia Pollo, and 2001's Un Ratito de Gloria. Drago Bonacich, Rovi.


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