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Shubha Taparia - Interview

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Shubha Taparia’s practice is between the unexpected and the tension of representation.
Shubha Taparia disseminates images that have a slippery content. These images come from her own archive of life: travels, thoughts and volcanic energy. She uses diverse media (paintings, videos, photographs, installations) and different approaches to offer a big spectrum, of what in a very exquisite way, is called representation.
Taparia takes advantage of a long history of travels. Born in India in Ahmedabad she moved to London in 2001 and she constantly travels around the world reporting what she sees, the inputs she gathers. Taparia makes the immediacy of locations the component for a production of a fragmented real. Her production is transparent in the shape but stratified and ungraspable in the substance.
She gives voice to the various configurations of the space in state of transition. In the series of photographs Automatic Images, the artist frees the camera and abandons any possibility of studying and analysing what is going on around her. She questions the camera as a possibility of recording something that is out of her control. These images depict moments of daily life in the city of Mumbai, they are traces of what remains in the artist memory. In a way these works are possibilities of movements. Indeed, the still image becomes a moving image. It is a representation of a movement that is going to happen. It is also a representation of a normal day in Mumbai.


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