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Lasik Surgery

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Dr Jacob Mathew, Opthalmologist talks about Lasik Surgery, a refractive surgery on the surface of the eyeball to correct power of the lens or spectacle powers in conditions such as Myopia (Minus power), Hypermetropia (Plus power) and Astigmatism (Cylindrical Powers). Lasik can be done after the growth of the eyeball has become static i.e when the power has become stable, more or less after a person completes 19 years of age.
Doctor Jacob talks about the ideal time and conditions for performing Lasik surgery on a patient, complications and follow up care. Doctor clears doubts as to whether power re occurs after surgery, whether a patient who has undergone surgery has to wear glasses or whether he can use contact lens etc. The video also shows a clip of an actual Lasik surgery being done.
Dr. Jacob Mathew (MBBS,MS)
Sr.Consultant - Opthalmologist & Chief Medical Officer
Vasan Eye Care Hospital,Kochi


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