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#6 Astounding Benefits of Shallots!

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#6 Astounding Benefits of Shallots!

#1 Goodbye to headache :- Applying shallot paste on the forehead can easily cure your severe headache.

#2 No to cold and fever :- Cure cold or fever effectively by smearing shallot paste / juice on the body.

#3 Wow! Glowing Skin :- Sulphur content in shallots can help in giving you younger looking skin.

#4 Wonderful hair growth :- Applying shallot juice on the scalp for 10 minutes before washing it off with mild shampoo can help hair growth.

#5 Healthy Teeth :- Eating raw shallots regularly can improve your tooth heath.

#6 Good Eyesight :- Elements present in shallots can promote good eye health.


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