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What Mustards Can give You!

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Health Benefits
Weight Loss - The B-Vitamins in mustard seeds can help in weight loss.
Colds - Mustard is often used to relive obstruction caused by cough or cold.
Digestion - Fibre content in mustard seeds can help improve your body’s digestion
Constipation & Piles - Mucilage in mustard seeds can keep you away from constipation and piles.
Asthma - Selenium present in mustard seeds can help asthma sufferers and also can decrease the symptoms of arthritis.
Cancer - Mustard seeds have anti-cancer effects that can help hold back the growth of cancer cells.

Skin Benefits
Skin Infections - Sulphur content in mustard seeds are great for fighting skin infections.
Ageing - The anti-toxicants, vitamins and minerals in mustard seeds can help slow the ageing process.
Natural scrub -
Add rose water or lavender oil into crushed mustard seeds and scrub your face using this mix. It is good for exfoliating your skin.
Hydrates skin - Mixture of mustard seeds and aloevera gel remove all impurities from your face and can nourish the skin.

Hair Benefits
Conditions hair - Mustard oil gives hair good shine & bounce.
Hair growth - Vitamin A content in mustard seeds can lead to fast hair growth. Mustard oil, extracted from mustard seeds, is a good source of Vitamin A.
Strengthens hair - Protein, calcium and vitamin A in mustard seeds together strengthen your hair from within.


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