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Bilimbi WIne

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What first comes to mind when you think of wine making? It must be grape wine or some other common wines. But have you even thought of making wine from bilimbi fruits? Bilimbi has a lot of medicinal properties. Drinking this wine every day will help your body to burn extra fat and to cut down cholesterol level.

So lets see how to make it.

Ingredients needed for this are,
Bilimbi – 1kg
Jaggery – ½ kg
Cinnamon powder
Cardamom powder
Star Anise powder

Take a clean, dry jar. Better use a glass jar, so that you can see the changes of wine.

Place some bilimbi on the bottom of the jar. On top of it put a layer of jaggery. Now add another layer of the fruit and again add jaggery layer. Continue it till the jar fills with jaggery and bilimbi fruits.

Now you can add two to three spoons of cinnamon and star anise powder. On top of it add 1 tsp of cardamom powder too. According to your taste you can add sugar, ginger or dried ginger to this mix.

You can close the jar now. Tightly wrap the lid using a clean cotton cloth.

Keep the jar in dry place for 20 days. After 20 days open the jar and strain it to another container. You can preserve it for a long time.

Hope that you enjoy the video. For more interesting recipes, do keep watching…


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