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Sugary-Rice Balls

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Add a glass of warm water into a pan under medium flame. Bring the water to boil along with salt and Ghee. To this add 1 cup of Rice flour. Now switch off the stove use a spoon stir for a while. Make sure that while stirring the rice flour should clump together. If you are finding it too dry and not sticky, then add the additional boiled water you set aside, drop by drop, until it comes together.
Grease your palms well and break off a small piece from the dough. Take a small portion and make in to a soft ball but flatten slightly. Once enough balls are made let the rice balls to set for some time.
Mean while lets prepare the sugar syrup.Add 2 glass of water into the pan to this you can add 2 cups of sugar. Stir well until the sugar dissolves, this may take five minutes. Once the syrup thickens set aside for later use.
In order to fry the rice balls pour oil into a shallow pan and let the oil to turn piping hot .Add rice balls into the oil and fry them using a slotted spoon and take them out.
Finally serve the fried rice balls into formerly made sugar syrup. Your Sugary -Rice balls are ready to serve.
You can serve this delicacy as an evening snack or as desserts after the lunch.


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