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Easy Rasmalai

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'Rasmalai' meaning juicy cream is a dessert made with Paneer, cream & sugar. Here's a slightly different but delicious version.

To begin with, mix Milk Powder, all-purpose flour and Baking powder in a bowl. We can start by gently mixing with our hands. Pour Egg White and Ghee into the mixture, knead lightly to make smooth dough. Make equal size small round shaped Malai balls with a light hand and keep it aside for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile boil milk in a pan by adding powdered cardamom and sugar. As the milk boils, a nice aroma of cardamom emanates your kitchen. You can place the formerly made Malai balls in the boiling milk. Reduce the flame and simmer for few minutes until the Malai balls expand. Turn off the heat and transfer to a serving dish. Let your Rasmalai to cool slightly at room temperature, then refrigerate until serving.

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