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Thirunelli Temple - Kasi of The South

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Actual Date Of Establishment: Unknown. Nestled in the Sahya valley at the bottom of the Brahmagiri hills, Thirunelly temple lies at an altitude of about 900 meters, surrounded by the Brahmagiri, Karimala and Narinirangimala mountains and beautiful forests in Northern Wayanad. The Thirunelli Kshetram is also known as Sahyamala Kshetra and the Thekkan Kaashi. The temple is famous for the final rites performed for the deceased and ancestors, during the month of Karkidakkam as per the beliefs of Hindus. A dip in the Papanashini river, that flows by the temple is beleived to wash away all sins committed in a lifetime. The main deity of this temple is Thirunelly Perumaal, Lord Vishnu.


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