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Man-Hu : I'm Still Breathing (Live in Concert)

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Manhu, a Latvian band based in Amsterdam, Netherlands is strongly influenced by jazz, soul, blues and folk music. Band members: Janis Zabaks Acoustic guitar, lead vocal, song writer; Dainis Kaulins Soprano, alto, baritone sax; Andris Kaulins Key boards, piano; Janis Straupenieks - Bass; MikelisVite Drums and percussion. The band performs at Kochi, India for Gloria Deo 2009 presented by Live Jam. 

Live Jam is a youth movement envisaged by Bonny Andrews a gifted musician himself, spreading the word of god through music concerts and radio shows. Based in Trivandrum, Kerala, the organisation reaches out to young people transforming their lives, bringing them together with the message of love, hope and peace.

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