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Nandini Muthuswamy

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More about Nandini Muthuswamy

Renowned Violinist, Nandini Muthuswamy is hailed as an exceptional musician 
of the present generation. Widely regarded as a Maestro & Virtuoso she hails
from an illustrious family of musicians. 

With a career extending over two decades, Nandini is regarded as a highly 
imaginative virtuoso Violinist whose violin playing is characterised by 
impeccable bowing and dexterous fingering. She is well known for the purity 
of notes Sruti Suddham and command over layam or rhythm. Gifted with a 
sweet and rich tone, the music that cascades from her Violin is known to be 
sublime. Sampradaya Suddham or Classicism steeped in Tradition is the 
hallmark of her Violin playing.

For more information on the artist and her music, check out her interview 
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  • Narendranathan (Colombo.) On: 4/4/2011 8:47:20 PM
    I am 80 years, student of your Grand Father Lakshminaraya Iyer 1955 -1957. Know Brhanayaki, Subbu, Vaidys, Dr Subramaniya, Shankar (4yr toddler) and Vijayalakshmi
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