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Ghulam Ali - The well - known Pakistani ghazal singer.

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Ghulam Ali is a famous Pakistani singer of the Patiala Gharana. He was born in1940, in a village named Kaleke, Sialkot which is now a part ofPakistan. His father was a vocalist and Sarangi player and was trainedby him initially. Ghulam Ali's father named him ‘Ghulam Ali’ afterthe legendary Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali. Ghulam Ali got to meet Ustad BadeGhulam Ali Khan, when he was a 15-year-old boy. Bade Ghulam Ali Khan hadthree brothers, Barqat Ali Khan, Mubarak Ali Khan and Amanat Ali Khan,all of whom were renowned classical musicians. The young Ghulam Alilearnt the nuances of Classical Music from them. With time, hisinclination towards ghazal, thumri, and dadra grew, and he decided totake them up professionally. His foundation in pure classical music,raagas and thumaris is very apparent in all his singing, making hisstyle unique and inimitable. Ghulam Ali has a heavy, baritone voice, andwhile rendering ghazals he creates very subtle vibrations in his voice,which he uses very beautifully, to convey a whole range of emotionsthrough it. He could make it sound hopelessly romantic, melancholy, andmake it sound anything that he wants almost effortlessly. He is knownfor blending gharana-gaayaki into his ghazals and this gives his singingthe capability to touch hearts. He beautifully sings Punjabi geets too.Though from Pakistan, Ghulam Ali remains as popular in India as inPakistan. Along with Mehdi Hassan, he has played a pioneering role inreviving Ghazals in the 1970's.
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