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The Big Indian Band - A fusion band from Kerala.

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Musical Band

: The Big Indian Band

Lead guitarist

: Prakash Krishnan


: Balabhaskar


: Nirmal Xavier


: Prakash Ulliyur

Base guitarist

: Jossy John


: Mahesh Mani


: Sudhir

The Big Indian Band- a band that plays only fusion music was conceived by violinist Balabhaskar. The band with seven members each one of themhaving deep roots in music is ready to release their first instrumentalfusion album internationally. Master world percussionist, Hakim Ludin,the Afghan musician from Germany has played music with the band in thisalbum. Many famous instrumentalists such as Mattannur Sankarankutty,Kalamandalam Hyderali, Kavaalam Sreekumar have performed with the band.


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