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Maha Navami | Navaratri Festival

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Navaratri is the longest Hindu festival celebrated all over India for nine consecutive nights in praise of Goddess Durga and Lord Rama (Hero of the Epic Ramayana), symbolising the victory of Good over Evil. Maha Navami is the 9th day of the festival of Navratri, as well as it is the last day of worship before 'Vijaya Dashami or Dussehra', the victorious 10th day, when Lord Rama kills Ravana in the Rama Ravana war; and Godess Durga kills the demon Mahishasura, marking the end of Navratri. Read more on Navaratri.

The video showcases the Navaratri festivities in Kodunthuruthy Agraharam in Palghat, Kerala. The ancestors of this Tamil Brahmin Agraharam consisting of about 100 families, is believed to have migrated from Srirangam in Trichy district long back.


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