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Jayaprabha Menon - Performing at Kalikotta, Muvattupuzha.

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Jayaprabha Menon, Mohiniyattam exponent, is one of the most accomplished dancers of the present generation. Endowed with a pleasing stage presence, Mohiniyattam has found a dancer dedicated and committed to its cause. She brings to her audience, a refreshing presentation of Mohiniyattam, owing to her long years of experience as a performer and her deep understanding of the aesthetics of the dance form. She is based in New Delhi.

Parallel to the Bharatanatyam of Tamil Nadu, solo Mohiniyattom dance is performed only by women. The music is classical Carnatic. As the name implies, it is the dance of the charmer. It is a seductive dance performed by women, sensuous in its appeal. In technique, Mohiniyattom lies somewhere between Kathakali and Bharathanatyam. Lyrical in the extreme, its keynote is playful flirtation.
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