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An overview on studying in the UK.

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An overview of studying in the U.K.


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  • Subhrojyoti mallick (India) On: 10/16/2010 9:23:45 AM
    I am studying diploma in Mechanical engg. I want to do my higher studies in U.K or U.S after completing my three year diploma courses.I want to make my dream come true. So what should i do regarding this?
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  • zahid chowdhary (Pune) On: 7/23/2010 2:01:40 AM
    I am willing to learn and earn in UK and complete my MCA from there but as i read it takes 20 lacs of which 15% of it which i cant afford , I"ll really appreciate if u people reply on my mail id...Thanks
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  • hussain (pakistan) On: 7/1/2010 2:20:30 PM
    it's really good ...let me know how i can approach?
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