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Teenage Gynecology Problems | Dr... (4)

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Teenage Gynecology Problems | Dr. Amy D’Souza

  • Ashu (Kanpur, UP) On: 5/22/2012 4:16:08 PM
    Hello Dr, my baby born in 17 may 2012 but my new baby's blood group is O Postive but my wife blood group is B Postive and mine is A Postive. Is this possible
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  • Rani (Hyderabad) On: 4/6/2012 6:47:44 PM
    I have taken ipill for more than 20 times after sex recently. My friend told that it is harmfull in future. Is it true? Can u tell me some medicines to avoid such problems and explain me what r the problems plz
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  • Gayathri (kerala) On: 10/6/2011 4:15:52 AM
    My pregnancy test showed false negative, i did it after taking water then i took medicine to induce periods. i had intercourse that following month. All our tests are normal but still not able to conceive.what is the problem.shall we go for IVF? kindly a
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  • Susmita (Assam ) On: 5/29/2011 9:27:22 PM
    I am now 39 years old. Till date I am not pregnent. Few month before my doctor told me that size of your overy is small. But earlier it was normal. Kindly advice me is there any treatment for increse the size of OVERY.
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