Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Comments & Review : Dr. Anand Kumar talks on Cardiology... (3)

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Dr. Anand Kumar talks on Cardiology

  • Padmanabha Iyer P K (Elamakkara, Kerala ) On: 6/16/2012 10:31:17 AM
    I'm a 62 year old patient of Dr. Anandkumar. Thanks to him, I am leading a normal life after Angioplasty.
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  • Sidhik (Doha - Qatar) On: 3/6/2011 12:28:42 PM
    I am a 37 year-old patient of Dr. Anand. The speech is all-inclusive and very informative to all. Being an employee in the premier health care sector of Gulf States, I would say that Dr. Anand is a great talented health professional.
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  • Dr Abraham Varghese (Kalamassery) On: 8/27/2010 4:55:50 PM
    Dr Anand gave a detailed & lucid talk on Heart diseases. Really good. Quite informative for the general public.
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